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The Robatzek group is excited to participate in the Paris Meeting: Mechanisms of intercellular and inter-organismal communication via RNA. See poster

The Robatzek group participates in the 4th European Conference on Xylella fastidiosa. See poster

The Robatzek group participates in the 2023 IS-MPMI​​ Congress. Read more

The Robatzek group is looking for new members. Apply now! Read more

Many thanks for a new plant growth facility through the DFG’s Major Research Instrumentation Programme.

The Robatzek group participates in the newly Horizon Europe funded Beyond Xylella “BeXyl” consortium.
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Latest Publications

Nature Communications: NET4 and RabG3 link actin to the tonoplast and facilitate cytoskeletal remodelling during stomatal immunity. Read more

mBio article: Biophysical and proteomic analyses of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 extracellular vesicles
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S-acylation stabilizes ligand-induced receptor
kinase complex formation during plant pattern-
triggered immune signaling
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New Phytologist Tansley Insight article: Xylella fastidiosa‘s relationships: the bacterium, the host plants, and the plant microbiome
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New Current Opinion in Plant Biology article: Spotlight on plant RNA-containing extracellular vesicles
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The immune receptor EFR

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