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How plants and microbes interact

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Latest News

Congratulations to Eliana for winning the Faculty’s BioNa award!

The Robatzek lab is  now a Platinum Level Certified Lab! See Certificate

Congratulations to Filipe and Eliana for being awarded with the LMUexcellence Postdoc support and BioNa funds, respectively.

A radio interview on Xylella fastidiosa! Listen interview

Congratulations to Jingli for winning the best poster prize at the SPP2125 DECRyPT meeting 2023 in Cologne!

The Robatzek group is excited to participate in the Paris Meeting: Mechanisms of intercellular and inter-organismal communication via RNA. See poster

Latest Publications

New pre-print article on the role of RNAi in plant-microbe interactions Read more

Cell Host & Microbe: “Messenger RNA just entered the chat”: The next layer of cross-kingdom RNA transfer. Read more

Nature Communications: NET4 and RabG3 link actin to the tonoplast and facilitate cytoskeletal remodelling during stomatal immunity. Read more

mBio article: Biophysical and proteomic analyses of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 extracellular vesicles
Read more

S-acylation stabilizes ligand-induced receptor
kinase complex formation during plant pattern-
triggered immune signaling
Read more

If you wish to learn more about Silke and her motivation to research, check this link

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