Congratulations to Eliana for winning the Faculty’s BioNa award!

The Robatzek lab is  now a Platinum Level Certified Lab! See Certificate

Congratulations to Filipe and Eliana for being awarded with the LMUexcellence Postdoc support and BioNa funds, respectively.

A radio interview on Xylella fastidiosa! Listen to this interview

Congratulations to Jingli for winning the best poster prize at the SPP2125 DECRyPT meeting 2023 in Cologne!

Alessa Ruf, member of the Robatzek lab participates in the Paris meeting: Mechanisms of intercellular and inter-organismal communication via RNA.

Alessa: Dissecting the (ex)RNA Signature of Xylella fastidiosa. See poster

Filipe Vieira, member of the Robatzek lab participates in the 4th European Conference on Xylella fastidiosa.

Filipe: Interplay between biotic and abiotic stress in Arabidopsis infected with Xylella fastidiosa. See poster

The Robatzek lab participates and contributes to the 2023 IS-MPMI meeting in Rhodes Island. Meet us there and you are welcome to view our posters!

Jingli: The relationship between Xylella fastidiosa and microbiome. See poster

Oséias: Prediction of Xylella fastidiosa-secreted proteins (xyp) as candidate effectors. See poster

Alessa: The role of OMVs in plant infection with Xylella fastidiosaSee poster

Laura: Interactions of bacterial extracellular vesicles with plants. See poster

Eliana: Spatiotemporal signatures of plant immune responses to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 (Pto). See poster

The Robatzek group is looking for new members. Apply now!

The Robatzek group is excited to participate in the new DFG-funded priority program CodeChi!

The Robatzek group participates in the newly Horizon Europe funded Beyond Xylella “BeXyl” consortium.

Two LMU researchers participate in newly DFG-funded Research Unit RU5116 on extracellular RNAs in inter-organismal communication.

With her newly awarded ERC Adv Grant, Silke Robatzek aims to tackle the olive killer.

ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Silke Robatzek.